The Whitten Center

Issue No. 41                                                                                                              December, 2018

(Author Unknown)

I'd like to tell you a story my grandmother told me when I was six or 
seven years old. We had gone to her home for Thanksgiving dinner and the 
drive was rather a long one. I had filled the time with making a list of all the 
things that I wanted for Christmas that year.

Later that evening after I was ready for bed, I showed the list to my grandmother.
 After she read it, she said, "My goodness, that really is a long list!" Then she picked 
me up and set me on her lap in the big rocking chair and told me this story: 

"Once there was a little girl who came to live in an orphanage in Denmark. As Christmas time 
grew near, all of the other children began telling the little girl about the beautiful Christmas tree 
that would appear in the huge downstairs hall on Christmas morning. After their usual, very plain 
breakfast, each child would be given their one and only Christmas gift; small, single orange."
At this point I looked up at my grandmother in disbelief, but she assured me that was all each 
child would receive for Christmas. 

"Now the headmaster of the orphanage was very stern and he thought Christmas to be a bother. So 
on Christmas Eve, when he caught the little girl creeping down the stairs to catch a peek at the 
much-heard-of Christmas tree, he sharply declared that the little girl would not receive her 
Christmas orange because she had been so curious as to disobey the rules. The little girl ran back 
to her room broken-hearted and crying at her terrible fate." 

"The next morning as the other children were going down to breakfast, the little girl stayed in her 
bed. She couldn't stand the thought of seeing the others receive their gift when there would be 
none for her." 

"Later, as the children came back upstairs, the little girl was surprised to be handed a napkin. As 
she carefully opened it, there to her disbelief was an orange all peeled and sectioned." 
"How could this be?" she asked.

"It was then that she found how each child had taken one section from their orange and given it to 
her so that she, too, would have a Christmas orange." 

How I loved this story! I would ask my grandmother to tell it to me over and over as I grew up. 
Every Christmas, as I pull a big, juicy orange from my stocking, I think of this story. What an 
example of the true meaning of Christmas those orphan children displayed that Christmas 
morning. How I wish the world, as a whole would display that same kind of Christ-like concern 
for others, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year. 

May we each find the true spirit of love and giving this Christmas and each day of our lives.  

Chaplain Jeff 


  December Whistler News from the Parents’ Club 

The Parents’ Club is pleased to share many exciting things from this quarter. First, we were 
thrilled to send so many to the State Fair in October. We understand everyone enjoyed this special 
trip. We are so happy to make this an annual event. 

Next the Bub Lollis motorcycle ride was fantastic. We are so thankful that these caring 
motorcyclists chose our Whitten Center as the recipient of their giving. I also would like to thank 
all the staff who make the effort to get the residents out as the motorcycles come through. It means 
so much for these riders to know we appreciate their kindness. We had great weather and over 300 
motorcycles come through campus. This is such a fantastic time to share our loved ones with the 

Employee Appreciation Day was another success this year. We served over 300 employees. 
Thanks to the volunteers who helped serve this food and to Dickeys Barbecue for serving such a 
wonderful meal. But most of all, thanks to all the staff for allowing us the opportunity to show our 
appreciation for all you do for our loved ones. We appreciate you every day and are so pleased to 
take this opportunity to show you. 

Weather didn’t cooperate too much for the Fireworks show, but we were so glad that many were 
able to enjoy them. The band, “Sound Familiar”, playing at the pavilion was a definite asset. 
Everyone enjoyed them! Hopefully, we can have more music evenings in the future. 
As Christmas nears, we are placing a Whitten Center tree at Bailey Manor for their parade of trees. 
It is our hope that our residents will have opportunities to tour this beautiful display. Thanks in 
advance to all the Unit staff who make efforts to plan such outings. 

An Angel Tree has been placed in the lobby entrance of the Administrative Building. This is open 
to anyone who would like to participate. 

Christmas Parade is Saturday, December 1st. Looking for this to be an enjoyable event! It is always 
a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Every Unit should be scheduling their Christmas parties 
and holiday events.  

Merry Christmas to all!  

Linda Lee, president WCPC


As always, Leisure staff would like to say thank you to everyone who has assisted in all of our activities. We 
appreciate all of the support we are given to make these activities happen. Ideas are always welcome to help us 
add to our fun. 

September 2018 

September started out slow, but quickly gave way to the normal monthly marathon of activities. There were trips 
to Golden Corral, Greenville Zoo, Equestrian lessons, tram rides, bowling, unit parties, and shopping at local 
stores. The Special Olympics Disc Golf team competed in Rock Hill in the Area 11 Disc Golf Invitational, where 
they won (3) 1st place, (2) 3 rd place, and (1) 4th place.  
This was a great “practice” for their state competition in October. Also this month, 64 resident/athletes participated in the annual Special Olympics Challenge Day.  

October 2018 

October was quite lively. The month started out with high anticipation of the State Fair. 69 residents were able to 
make the trip to Columbia this year, thanks to the Parents’ Club securing 2 charter buses for us for the trip.  
Everyone had a great time. Some are still talking about this trip.

As in past months, the tram rides were probably the favorite activity among our residents. Other activities included 
trips to Trotter’s, Wendy’s, Wal-Mart, movies, unit parties, and shopping at local businesses. Halloween, as 
always, also proved to be a big day for our residents. All enjoyed a Halloween movie and carnival, complete with 
haunted house, games, music, refreshments, and contests. Winners of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest were units 
205 – Most Original, 105 – Scariest, and 207 – Funniest. Costume Contest winners were Scariest costume – unit 
107, Best costume – unit 205, Funniest costume – unit 110, and Most Original costume – unit 104. 
The disc golf team continued to practice for their upcoming competition, and traveled to Myrtle Beach to 
participate in the Special Olympics State Fall Games. They returned home with 5 gold medals, 2 silver medals, 
and 1 bronze medal. Other than the Rock Hill competition, this was the 1st this team.

November 2018

November started out with a bang, literally. Residents and staff enjoyed the annual fireworks display, as well as 
music from Sounds Familiar, who came out to keep us entertained before the fireworks started. Other notable 
activities this month were shopping at local businesses, Gaffney Outlets, and Wal-Mart, as well as unit parties and 
movies. Residents did arts and crafts activities for Thanksgiving, and some residents have already sent their letters 
to Santa.

The Area 5 Special Olympics USA Games team, which includes 7 residents and staff from Whitten Center, 
recently was awarded the honor of Grand Marshall's at the Laurens Christmas Parade. While we do not take our 
float to Laurens, Whitten Center will be represented in that parade this year. 

In the following puzzle, the words are alternate titles for 20 well known Christmas carols and songs. See if you can 
get them all. 100% assures you a full Christmas stocking!!! 
Quadruped with Crimson Proboscis: ___________________________________________________________ 
Eight PM to Six AM Without Noise: ____________________________________________________________ 
Minuscule Hamlet in the Near East: ____________________________________________________________ 
Young Performing Percussionist: ______________________________________________________________ 
Adorn the Vestibule: _______________________________________________________________________ 
Exuberance Directed to the Planet: _____________________________________________________________ 
Listen, Arial Spirits Announcing: ______________________________________________________________ 
Trio of Monarchs: __________________________________________________________________________ 
Yonder in the Hay Rack: _____________________________________________________________________ 
Cherubim Audited from Aloft: ________________________________________________________________ 
Assemble Everyone who Believes: _____________________________________________________________ 
Hallowed Post Meridian: _____________________________________________________________________ 
Fantasies of a Colorless Dec. 25th: _____________________________________________________________ 
Tin Tintinnabulations: _______________________________________________________________________ 
Befell During the Transparent Bewitching Hour: __________________________________________________ 
Homo Sapiens of Crystallized Vapor: ____________________________________________________________ 
Desire a Pair of Incisors on Dec. 25th: __________________________________________________________ 
I Spied my Maternal Parent Osculating: _________________________________________________________ 
Perambulating Through a Dec. Solstice Fantasy: __________________________________________________ 
Multiple Desires for a Joyous Dec 25th: _________________________________________________________ 
The answer key for this puzzle is available from Chaplain Jeff if you wish to see it 


Saturday December 1 – Clinton Christmas Parade 
Saturday December 1 – Whitten Center Christmas Parade 
Saturday December 1 – Laurens Christmas Parade 
Christmas Lights Trips - TBA 
Wednesday December 5 – Fountain Inn Christmas Parade 
Saturday December 8 – Piedmont Parade 11am; Whitmire Parade 1pm 
Monday December 10 – Christmas Concert 
Tuesday December 11 – Christmas Concert 
Friday December 14 – Santa Social 
Friday December 21 – Movie Day 
Monday December 24 – Christmas Eve Holiday 
Tuesday December 25 – Christmas Day 
Wednesday December 26 – Day after Christmas Holiday 
Tuesday January 1 – New Year’s Day Holiday 
Monday January 13 – Crazy Hat Monday - Spirit week 
Tuesday January 14 – Moustache Tuesday - Spirit week 
Wednesday January 16 – Wacky Wednesday - Spirit week 
Thursday January 17 – Crazy Hair Thursday – Spirit week 
Friday January 18 – Tie Dye Friday – Spirit week 
Monday January 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday 
Friday February 1 – Super Bowl Fun Day 
Thursday February 14 – Valentine’s 
Monday February 18 – President’s Day 
Wednesday February 20 – Pirate Spirit Day 
Thursday February 28 – Swamp Rabbits Hockey 
Tuesday March 5 – Mardi Gras Day 
Sunday March 10 – Daylight Savings Time Begins 
Thursday March 21 – Rock Your Socks Day 
Thursday March 21 Swamp Rabbits Hockey 
Friday March 29 – Special Olympics Area 5 Spring Games 

Thank You! To all who submitted articles for the Whistler. Your effort and cooperation are 
greatly appreciated! 

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  The deadline for articles for the next issue of the Whistler (March 1 issue) is Frbruary 15.