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The Whitten Center Parents' Club (WCPC) was established in 1953 and is a nonprofit  501(c)(3) charity . This supportive and active group of parents, relatives and volunteers works very hard to ensure that the excellent quality care provided by the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs is maintained. Through WCPC's efforts, we help to monitor programs, protect human rights and raise money to provide many extras that enhance the lives of the residents who live and work at Whitten Center.  

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Clinton, SC
Whitten Center was founded by B. O. Whitten, M.D. in 1920. It is a state run, residential treatment facility for approximately 240 people with developmental disabilities and special needs. A full compliment of continuous services are provided.  Among these services are:                                                                                     
           * Comprehensive Medical Care                               * Communication Services
           * Visually Impaired Services                                     * Program Services                     
           * Education Services                                                 * Pastoral Services                       
           * Habilitation Services                                               * Leisure Services
           * Vocational Services                                                * Volunteer Services
           * Assistive Technology                       
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Whitten Center Parents' Club
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Saturday, December 3rd     City of Clinton Christmas Parade – 10 a.m. – Several units will be driving buses/vans in this parade for our
 folks to participate.

Saturday, December 3rd     Whitten Center Christmas Parade – 1 p.m. – All of our units are encouraged to participate in this parade.
 We have also invited outside groups to join us in our parade for our consumers to s​ee.

Saturday, December 10th   Whitmire Christmas Parade – Recreation Staff will be taking a small group of consumers to participate in the Whitmire Christmas Parade.

Saturday, December 10th    Piedmont Christmas Parade – Recreation and Unit Staff will be taking a group of 40-50 to the Piedmont
 Christmas Parade and cookout luncheon.

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